Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weight Loss Tips

We have prepared a list of simple tricks to lose weight , easy to remember and follow. It is important to always keep them close and not to forget when you start a diet to lose weight.
Before starting a diet to lose weight, you need to live life with joy and optimism. When a person decides to lose weight should do to feel better and gain health . Never start a diet with low mood because of those pre-judge our appearance without cause and feed their insecurities lives of others. We are people, far more than an image, much more than a prototype temporal beauty.
  1. Conduct five meals a day: a good breakfast, lunch, light dinner and take a piece of fruit and tea mid-morning and late afternoon to avoid bingeing.
  2. Following the advice of the food pyramid: eat plenty of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and remember that rice, pasta, cereals, milk, yoghurt and cheese are more important than meat or fish.
  3. Drinking water throughout the day, although we have no thirst in the heat, our body needs more water.
  4. You can not lose weight fast, diets and weight loss products that promise fast weight loss diets are not balanced and damage our health.
  5. Conduct daily physical activity: walking, dancing, cycling or playing with children. And after the exercise is to rest to refuel: Domir at least 7 hours.
  6. Forget the stress and problems playing sports, being with family and friends, or using relaxation techniques like yoga.
  7. Avoid foods high in calories but few nutrients: fast food, chips such as "chips", cookies and biscuits, canned food and sauces (homemade sauce is light and nutritious).
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