Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five meals a day

Nutritionists recommend distributing intake in five meals a day . Any healthy diet should be distributed throughout the day by three major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two light (mid-morning and afternoon).
Keep in mind that what fat is to eat but what we eat. In addition, the most important is the total daily calories we take, whether spread over four, five or more meals. However, it is advisable to do so in five meals.

This is mainly due to the factors:
  1. moderately eating every 3 to 4 hours maintain active metabolism, thus increasing the total body energy expenditure at the end of the day
  2. when there is a snack between meals hunger avoid eating more at the next meal

The food we eat provides the body with energy (calories) through three basic nutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The amount of energy we need every day is marked by various factors such as age, sex, height or physical exercise. For example, a middle-aged woman who makes little daily physical activity you need to provide your body with about 2000 calories divided as follows:
  • About 300 grams of carbohydrates (60% of nutrients)
  • about 50 grams of fat (30% of nutrients)
  • about 50 grams of protein (10% of nutrients)
Each and every one of these nutrients are needed as they perform different functions in our body, carbohydrates are essential for brain and m ├║sculos work properly, the fats are carriers of essential fatty acids and vitamins A , D, E and K, and finally, proteins used to build our body (skin, bones, muscles, ...) and to repair what is decaying.
What to eat mid-morning and mid afternoon
Satisfy the hungry mid-morning and mid afternoon with food too much heat can ruin all the efforts made so far. Here is a list of snack foods:
  • The fresh fruit is as always the best option, fruits provide water, vitamins and natural antioxidants and the list is very long: banana, apple, pear, orange, peach, strawberry, melon, grapes, ...
  • juices prepared natural and low in calories is not necessary to use ripe fruit sugars where or if they come prepared
  • if you like fresh vegetables do not think twice: a carrot, some chopped tomatoes, cucumber, salad and prepared in a bag or some celery
  • yogurt and low fat yoghurts, whether regulars or new soy; to be fat-free or 0% fat are low in calories and also provide calcium
  • the granola bars for weight control are ideal for taking in the afternoon, take away the hungry and very few calories (usually between 50 and 75 kcal per unit)

Join the snack provided with water, green tea, coffee, milk or a milkshake descremeda for weight control.
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