Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Drink frequently

Drink plenty of water

Despite the demonstrated importance of properly hydrated, it is very easy to gain weight without realizing drinking soda or alcohol when we are thirsty instead of water and health drinks. The ideal water to quench thirst, soft drinks and alcohol add calories and contain few vitamins and few minerales.Lo ideal is to drink between meals and during meals.
They are rich in water the freshly squeezed fruit juice, gazpacho, soups and cold soups. The fruit usually contains large amounts of water, especially watermelon and cantaloupe.

Hydrated in summer
In summer it is very easy to become dehydrated or suffer the consequences of heat: dizziness, fatigue, loss of concentration, hot flashes, headaches, swelling, heaviness in the legs ... So you have to drink double and even triple fluids to avoid dehydration, maintain beautiful skin and even get a tan more attractive and durable.
Sports and Hydration
Exercise training without proper hydration increases the chance of injury because the muscles and tendons need to be lubricated to function properly. Increasing fluid intake can compensate for the mineral salts that your body loses heat and avoid the typical dryness of the skin.
Sparkling water
Very fat carbonated beverages, since it contains large amounts of sugar and other chemical additives. In some countries, banned in schools as one of the causes of childhood obesity.
However, only sparkling water is added carbonic acid (but not calories). Make sure what you take is just carbonated water with no added sugars.
The sparkling water has many other qualities thanks to carbonic acid as this substance stimulates the secretion of gastric juices thereby facilitating digestion, which is very beneficial for people with slow digestion.
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