Friday, December 10, 2010

Exercising at home

Perform physical exercise at home every day to practice more physical activity to help us burn calories. Walking is the most common activity, economic, simple and saludable.Pero is not alone: ​​we work in the garden, cycling, climbing stairs, walking the dog or cleaning the house. If we have free time, we can perform an activity involving a greater expenditure of calories (cycling, walking, running, dancing, steps, etc.) for our body to burn stored fat easily.
Fitness activities
Here are some varied activities offered by most of the gyms:
  • Martial Arts : martial arts like taekwondo, tai-chi or karate, help us keep fit and relieve stress, you can practice against imaginary opponents or against the mirror
  • Aquafitness , is to practice various aerobic exercises in the water in the water movements are more controlled and the joints suffer less, allowing the practice to those who have suffered a previous injury
  • Fitball : this sport is especially recommended for people with back problems and / or neck, is conducting exercises with the help of a ball
  • Core board , similar to the classic step , the exercises are performed on an unstable platform, thus enhancing the body's overall agility as opposed to traditional exercises that work the muscles

Simple exercises to do at home

If the gym is not to our liking, at home can be simple exercises for 20-30 minutes a day. Pause of about two minutes to breathe / expire between the different exercises and between sets.

Work hips Body lying on the ground, arm extended and head resting, do not arch your back. Raise right leg to hip height, resulting in muscle contraction. Perform sets and reps with both legs.
Leg Stretches
Left leg. With the right leg bent at 90 degrees and the foot resting on the left leg, push the upper floor with his back against the floor.

Bike run the tape
If we have enough space for these items, we can burn the calories that otherwise our body stores when we're sitting watching TV.
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