Thursday, February 10, 2011

Relaxation Slimming

Relaxation, yoga
Relaxation, yoga
There are various techniques to lose weight relaxation help to relax the mind and body before starting a diet in order to download and lose weight is left over. One of the factors that lead to obesity is psychological in origin. Therefore, these relaxation techniques to lose weight, although very simple, usually very effective.
It is important to find a quiet place, to dim light is not distract us and avoid clothes that oppress. Lying in bed is the easiest way to start it. Can practice any of these relaxation techniques at FNAL the day, before bed, in this way also get better sleep.

Yoga : Yoga has been practiced and getting thousands of amazing health benefits of breathing, relaxation and a series of postures called asanas. Based on correct breathing, yoga helps to relax muscles and combat nervousness, tension, stress. Yoga is the only exercise system that places the body upside down, which makes carrying blood to areas of the body that need oxygen and nutrition, achieving amazing effects on your skin, after removing toxins through sweating, be clean and bright. Doing yoga gives relaxation, serenity, self-control, improve your concentration and your vitality, as well as connect with your spiritual side. His practice even encourages weight loss.
Pilates : Exercise techniques for mind and body known as "Pilates" help relaxation and stress management, besides other benefits. Pilates uses a series of controlled movements attractive for both the mind and the body focusing on breath control.
Zen : Zen Buddhism current stresses meditation and downplays the theoretical knowledge and the study of religious texts. Today, Zen has gone on to become a way of life built on pillars of meditation, work and gratitude.
Qi Gong : gymnastics is a form of work-based China energy, hence its name: "qi" energy "gong", work. It is part of traditional Chinese medicine based on three principles: control of movement (slow and fluid), breathing (synchronized with the movement) and thought (channeled through the breath). Qi gong is intended to bring the practitioner into a state of harmony between body and mind, which has a positive effect on health and longevity. In addition, calms nerves and anxiety, stress, depression and improves the immune system and promotes the regeneration of tissues.
Spa : The Spa is the perfect antidote to combat the stress and hectic lifestyle today. Among the benefits of the spa include increased sense of wellbeing, relieving anxiety, muscle relaxation and stimulation in the creation of endorphins.


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